Newborn Cloth Diaper: If I knew then what I know now

So you’re pregnant and considering to use cloth diaper on your newborn? Good for you! Aside from being economical, cloth diapers are also Eco-friendly too. You’re not only saving your baby from rashes but you are also saving our environment by lessening our landfills.

With just one month before giving birth I decided to use cloth diapers on our 2nd baby. Some of my friends are already doing it on their toddlers. But most of them started out when their kids are already 2 months old. I didn’t know anyone else who did it from just few days postpartum, so I don’t know whom to ask for advice. With the power of internet and support from my husband and friends, I purchased few pieces and hoped for the best. When Margaux was 1 week old, I felt confident to start using cloth diapers. It’s just right after the cord stump fell off and I already regained my energy. Now she’s 4 months old and we’ve finally outgrown out newborn stash.

So I wonder, if given a chance to do it all over again, what would I change? What advises will I give to those who are starting out?


You’ll need cloth diapers, wipes, wetbag (for travelling), hangers, clips, baby detergent (no fabric conditioner), a pail with cover (storage for soiled nappies) and bidet/waterhose (at home). Optional: flushable liners. Purchase these items before hand so you can start smoothly.


“What is the best cloth diaper brand for my newborn baby?” This is one of the frequently asked questions I’ve encountered on every online cloth diaper support groups. Honestly, if you ask any expert in cloth diapering they can’t answer you with a specific brand. What works for Maria may not work for Jane. In preparing your stash buy at least 1 kind of each system (All-in-one, all-in-two, hybrid fitted, fitted, pockets, prefolds) and 1-2 pieces of each brand. If you think that you have found out works for you: resell the ones you don’t like and buy bulk on the ones you like. That would have saved me time in browsing and frustrating myself in the search of “the best cloth diaper” for my baby. Reading reviews and comparisons can help you narrow down your choices. But keep in mind that hands on experience is always better to determine what will work for you.

The rule on diaper either cloth or disposable is that it must be change every 2-3 hours to avoid infection and rashes. Imagine throwing a piece of disposable diaper down the trash every 3 hours? Such a waste of money.

A newborn baby especially breastfed baby poops a lot. I mean a every-after-feeding-a-lot. Be prepared. They can consume 8-12 nappies per day. So if you plan to wash everyday a stash of 20 or more is enough. Just multiply 8-12 pieces to the number of days you plan to wash you cds. Don’t worry about the laundry. Once they’ve settled into regular 1-3 poop per day you’ll have lesser soiled nappies. Just make sure to change it every 2-3 hours. Luckily, Margaux started to poop for 1-2 times a day when she’s 2 weeks old.


Do I have the time and energy to have another load of laundry? Worry no more! Cleaning cloth diapers are easy. It might be intimidating and confusing at first but once you had your routine it’ll get easier. How do I do it?
Every after diaper change, shoot the dirty nappies in a pail with cover.  For soiled nappies, spray the poop in the toilet using a bidet/water hose and put it in the pail.
By morning, spin everything in the washing machine for ten minutes with water and line dry them until  laundry day. BTW, we are using just manual washing machine. If you have automatic washing machine, life will be easier.

Our laundry routine:

  1. Pre rinse: Spin with water for 10minutes
  2. Rinse: spin with water for 10minutes
  3. Wash: spin with water and detergent for 15 minutes. For nappies with stains: Sun bleaching for 1-2 hours or until the stain is gone. Lay the diaper flat out, with stains facing up the sun. (Read: )
  4. Rinse 4-5 times
  5. Spin dry (optional if you have one), then line dry


top row: Alva Baby Pocket Type Newborn Size CD
bottom row: Alva Baby Cover Type Newborn Size CD

Most of the online forums I’ve read suggested to use Cover Type CD + Insert/lampin for newborns. It is a system where you will just change the insert and wipe the cover to reuse it again. You’ll need to change the cover when it comes contact with poop. Unfortunately, baby’s poop are all explosive. Every poop gets into the cover and I would always end up changing the whole thing. Some mommies love and
swear how easy this system is. It is just not for me during those times. I might give it another try soon.


Audrey’s Cloth Diaper (Newborn Fitted)
The cloth diaper’s main purpose for newborn is to have a good fit to hold the poop in. They don’t pee much, but baby’s poop are watery and messy. So finding a cloth diaper with a good fit is a must. If you’re expecting a petite baby or if you have a premie baby, then newborn sizes are worth it. Plus they are super cute on those tiny legs!
Most of the time newborn cloth diapers are easily outgrown. After 2-3 months these will be too small for your baby. If I would redo it, I would skip newborn nappies and opt for smaller One-size cloth diapers. By the time Margaux is 2 weeks old, she can perfectly fit into Alva One-size Pocket CDs or BumGenius 4.0.


1 month old


3 weeks old
Audrey’s Fitted Cloth Diaper


Lily and Luna Newborn Hybrid Cloth Diaper


One-size (OS) cloth diapers are made to fit from newborn (3kg.) up to todllers (20kg.). Some brands have smaller versions of OS nappies which can easily fit on a newborn baby. Here are some of the brands we’ve tried:

  • Alva Baby 3.0 Pocket – perfect fit for newborn
  • Babyland – perfect fit for newborn, soft shell
  • Booldeet Posh – good fit for newborn but bulky insert. We used Birdseye cloth as insert
  • Bumgenius 4.0 – perfect fit
  • Bum Nature (Hybrid Fitted) – too bulky for newborn
  • Butt Talks (Hybrid Fitted) – too bulky for newborn
  • Dandy Nappy 5.0 AIO – good fit
  • Ecopwet 3.0 Pocket – perfect fit for newborn
  • Ecopwet Cover Type OS – good fit
  • Famicheer – perfect fit for newborn
  • Freshbutt by K (fitteds) – perfect fit for newborn
  • KaWaii Baby – perfect fit for newborn, soft shell
  • Quiglebum Solids – good fit but bulky insert. We used birdseye cloth as insert
  • Quiglebum Printed – good fit but bulky insert. We used birdseye cloth as insert
It’s the same as using disposable diapers. You will need to bring diapers, mat and wipes. The difference is you will also need a wetbag for soiled nappies. One down side of cloth diapering outside the house is that it occupies more space in your bag than disposable ones. I will make a separate blog post for this topic.
So far that is all I’ve learn through our newborn cloth diaper journey! Did I miss anything or you have more questions? Comment down below. 🙂
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